Jeans for Genes

The work of the scientists at Children's Medical Research Institute (CMRI) has a single aim - to improve and extend the lives of children everywhere.

When you support Jeans for Genes you are helping unravel cures for future generations of children. Every dollar raised will help scientists at Children’s Medical Research Institute discover treatments and cures, to give every child the opportunity to live a long and healthy life.

One in 20 children is born with a congenital abnormality or genetic disease. That's more than 12,000 children in Australia each year. CMRI is dedicated to changing this.

CMRI's many achievements include increasing survival rates of premature babies, establishing Australia’s first research unit for newborns, developing lifesaving microsurgery techniques, and introducing vaccines that protect against a number of potentially fatal or disabling childhood diseases.

CMRI's vital work does not receive guaranteed government funding and relies on community support. Please show your support today by donating to this appeal.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductable.

Jeans for Genes is a management account of Community Enterprise Foundation™ ABN 69 694 230 518, The Bendigo Centre, PO Box 480, Bendigo, Vic 3552.The Foundation will make distributions by way of grants, following receipt of applications from organisations endorsed with an item 1 Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR)*