Mount Alexander Shire Accommodation and Respite Group Appeal

Started by a group of carers, MASARG’s vision is to establish a Community/Respite House for people with disabilities in Castlemaine, followed by construction of purpose-built accommodation units.

The respite facility will benefit people with disabilities or dementia as well as carers and families.

Business, feasibility and concept planning indicates MASARG must raise substantial funds to build the facility – a facility which will be self-funding once in operation.

There is an urgent need and strong demand for MASARG projects in the region.

Some MASARG members have been full-time carers, continuously, for decades. A Community/Respite house will provide carers with a break, and so assist them to continue in the caring role for as long as possible.

As carers reach an age where being a full-time carer is no longer possible, a great concern is people with disabilities will have nowhere suitable to go within the region.

“When you are caring for a child with a disability, you don’t like to think about the future but it’s terribly, terribly important that you do…” Bill and Theresa, carers for more than forty years.

To find out more about MASARG’s projects visit Mount Alexander Shire Accommodation and Respite Group or email.

All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

The Mount Alexander Shire Accommodation and Respite Group Appeal is a management account of Community Enterprise Foundation™ ABN 69 694 230 518, The Bendigo Centre, PO Box 480, Bendigo, Vic 3552.* The Foundation will make distributions by way of grants, following receipt of applications from organisations endorsed with an item 1 Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR)*