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Disaster Appeals

100% of bushfire donations will be directed to communities in need

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Now that the fires have been extinguished, devastated towns across Australia are beginning the slow process of recovery and rebuilding. And we’re right there with them.

In the initial weeks it was emergency funding for accommodation, food and generators to get doors to businesses open. Now is the medium and long-term phase. We’re working closely with these communities who are all at varying stages of mobilising and prioritising.

The next steps. We’ve been here before and, while we play a role in guiding our partner communities, it’s so important to listen to their needs and respond accordingly.

This is a marathon, not a sprint, and the greatest success will come from a community-driven recovery and rebuilding process.

We were there to help with immediate relief and support. Importantly we’ll still be there when the lights and cameras are turned off and we know, from past experience, that our communities will still need us.

Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible - our appeals are listed below.

A temporary 1 cent charge may appear as a ‘pending transaction’ in your internet banking. This is to validate your card – you will not be charged this amount, it will be removed by your Bank within a few days.

PayPal, pre-paid Mastercard and Visa cards, and gift cards are not accepted.

Image of woman standing at fence watching the bushfires.

National Bushfire Disaster Appeal

Raising funds to support communities affected by the devastating fires across Australia.
People standing in a drought affected paddock.

The Rotary Clubs of Australia Drought Appeal

Uniting to sustain farm communities
We are proud to be uniting behind the Rotary Clubs of Australia for a national drought appeal, with a focus on both short term needs and longer term recovery for farmers and their communities.
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